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DocScanner is an extension for AppInventor that brings advanced document scanning capabilities to your Android applications. With DocScanner, you can easily integrate a document scanner feature with powerful AI functionalities. This documentation provides an in-depth guide on using the DocScanner extension, including its features, methods, properties, and events.


  • High-quality User Interface: Provides a consistent and user-friendly interface for digitizing physical documents.
  • Automatic Capture: Automatically detects documents for quick and efficient scanning.
  • Accurate Edge Detection: Ensures optimal cropping results by accurately detecting document edges.
  • Automatic Rotation Detection: Automatically adjusts document orientation for proper viewing.
  • Editing Functionalities: Offers various editing tools such as cropping, applying filters, removing shadows, and cleaning stains.
  • On-Device Processing: All processing is performed locally on the device, preserving user privacy.
  • No Camera Permission Required: Your app does not need camera permissions to utilize DocScanner.
Original pictureScanned document with perspective corrected, wrinkle removed and grayscale filter applied
Original pictureScanned document auto-rotated with stain removed and color filter applied
Original pictureScanned document with stain removed and auto filter applied
Original pictureScanned document auto-rotated with shadow removed and auto filter applied
Original pictureScanned document auto-rotated with finger removed and auto filter applied



1. Scan

  • Description: Opens the Document Scanner interface.
  • Parameters: None

2. Share

  • Description: Share the provided file.
  • Parameters:
    • file (text): The the path of file to share.

3. ClearCache

  • Description: Clears cache of scanned images.
  • Parameters: None


1. GalleryImportAllowed

  • Description: Returns whether the user can select images from the gallery during scanning.
  • Type: Boolean (Read-Write)

2. PageLimit

  • Description: Sets the maximum number of pages in the scanned document.
  • Type: Number (Read-Write)

3. ResultFormat

  • Description: Sets the result format of the Document Scanner (JPEG, PDF, or Both).
  • Type: Text (Read-Write)

4. ScannerMode

  • Description: Sets the mode used by the scanner (Basic, Basic with Filter, Full).
  • Type: Text (Read-Write)


1. ScanningError

  • Description: Triggered when an error occurs during scanning.
  • Parameters:
    • errorMessage (Text): The error message.
    • logs (Text): Additional logs for debugging.

2. ScanningResult

  • Description: Triggered when document scanning is successful.
  • Parameters:
    • pageCount (Number): Number of scanned pages.
    • pages (List): List of scanned pages.
    • pdfUri (Text): URI of the generated PDF file.

3. ScanningCancelled

  • Description: Triggered when the user cancels the scanning process.

Example Usage

Here’s an example of how you can use the DocScanner extension in your project:


Will be updated.


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799 INR or 10 USD

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